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Want to know what's happening in the Palmwood Church Family? This is the place! This announcements page is dynamic in that it can be updated throughout the week to ensure that we all have the most recent information possible. For specific questions about the items below or things not listed, please contact the Church Office at (321) 348-0020 or email at office@palmwoodchurch.com.

We have important information for your family regarding our return to the YMCA - See Pastor John's Update Video

Even though Florida's Governor has now lifted the capacity restrictions on exercise facilities (e.g., YMCA) and churches, we will continue keeping our safety measures in place as we think through what our new plans will become. For now, please continue to wear a mask when interacting with each other, maintain safe physical distances (we'll keep they current chair formation), and remain home if you are not feeling well in any way. Thank you!

In Case You Were Wondering...

  • The Gospel You Didn't Expect (Beginning January 24) - Focusing on several specific characters in the life of Jesus, Pastor John helps us see how far God goes to love unlovable people. Those who society rejects or even marginalizes, Jesus loves and receives. This Sunday Message Series will run through mid-May and promises to be a powerful lesson for us all.
  • Midrash Youth - Midrash Youth is back meeting in person! The time has changed to accommodate student weekend schedules.  This great ministry for students in middle and high school focuses on three priorities: inductive bible study so they learn to dig into the scriptures on their own, outreach so they have a chance to serve others, and fun! Midrash Youth meets on Thursday evenings at 5pm in the TV lobby of the Oviedo YMCA (7900 Red Bug Lake Road in Oviedo). Students are asked to wear masks. And if your student needs their own Bible, just ask. If you would like more information, please see Danny Eshcol or Lauren Kimball (their contact information is on our Team page).
  • News and Updates - if you're new to the Palmwood Church family and would like to get text notifications from us on events and activities, just text the word WELCOME to (321) 234-9898. We promise not to spam you, but this will keep you "in the loop" for all our news.
  • Restrooms - Please use the individual Family Locker Room bathrooms in the corner behind the YMCA Check-in Desk. Thank you.

Worship Options

COVID-19 changed a lot for all of us. Now that Palmwood Church is gathering back in the YMCA for Sunday Worship, there are many new protocols we must follow. You can learn more by visiting the Common Questions section of our I'm New Here page. There are two ways you can join us:

Gathered Worship - you are welcome to join us in person in the large first floor exercise room at the Oviedo YMCA (7900 Red Bug Lake Road in Oviedo) at 11am on Sunday mornings. We are following the required safety guidelines -- and we request that everyone over the age of 2 wear a mask unless you have a breathing condition that makes mask wearing a danger to you.

Palmwood Virtual (Online Worship) - you are also welcome to join us for our live stream on Sunday mornings at 11am at https://www.palmwoodchurch.com/streaming. We even have a way for you to interact from a distance in our new system -- our "virtual lobby" -- where people can even ask questions during the sermon time.

Sunday Messages

Beginning in the New Year, we'll have a new sermon series: 2021: Realigning Our Vision. Pastor John helps us get a good start on the new year by taking us back to our original foundations for Palmwood Church. We'll talk about three priorities -- Evangelism, Disciple Making and Community -- and how they will be most effective in the "new normal" of life with COVID-19.

All of our Sunday Messages are archived and available under the Sermons button below.


The primary way the Palmwood Church Family connects and lives life together is through our LifeGroups. While this plan helps us minister to each other better since we do not have our own building, it's actually been an intentional design from the very beginning. Life happens in smaller groups. Vital relationships can be built to serve each other and God's kingdom purposes. And we can better fulfill the work of Jesus' church in clusters.

Our LifeGroups provide many things: fellowship, teaching, intercessory prayer, communion and service. We currently have two LifeGroups offering the Immerse Bible Reading Experience as both an in person and online experience. If you'd like to learn more about our LifeGroup ministry, please see one of the pastors or contact the church office.

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