The Gospel You Didn't Expect - Jesus Loves Demonized People

Speaker: John Kimball

Bible Passage: Mark 5:1-20

Pastor John continued our teaching series, The Gospel You Didn’t Expect, with today’s installment, “Jesus Loves Demonized People.” We begain our time with a testimony by Danny Eshcol (Leader of our Midrash Youth Ministry), who grew up in rural India and who’s parents were church planters there on the gospel “front lines.” Dealing with the demonic is a regular occurance.

During the intoduction of the message, Pastor John talked about a special series of episodes on his The Minister’s Friend Podcast. These provide a great “primer” to today’s topic. A Panel Discussion on Spiritual Warfare with Pastor Foye Belyea, Pastor Michael Brinkley, Bishop Jayson Quinones and Pastor John:

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