Midrash Youth

Midrash Youth: Learning to Live Like Jesus

Palmwood Church’s Midrash Youth Ministry is a different kind of experience for Middle School and High School students. The Hebrew word midrash refers to the commentary of the ancient rabbis as they would disciple their students. While youth ministry should be enjoyable, we want to form their hearts not just entertain them or fill their minds with information. We want our youth to truly learn to live like Jesus.

DIG: Midrash Around the Table (Weekly)

Engaging in Midrash Youth has high expectations. Each week we take an important topic and dig into what God says about it in the Bible. Students have some work to prepare during the week and come ready to ask questions they have raised. There is some guided study, but then the student’s questions set the framework for that week’s lesson. We always end talking about how what we’ve learned is best lived out.

Weekly Midrash handouts can be found here.

F3: Fun, Fellowship & Food (Monthly)

Once each month we meet for fun activities and to just enjoy each others’ company. Students can help suggest what they’d like to do from the vast array of offerings we have living in Orlando’s vacation paradise: escape rooms, parks, laser tag, arcades, a day at the beach and more!

SERVE: Mission Outreaches (Quarterly)

Learning to live like Jesus means that we have to “practice what we preach.” Four times each year the youth will take a day and put their growing faith and character into practice serving others. Serving will take many different forms — from work days to soup kitchens — but in each case the outreach will give them an opportunity to love people with genuine humility.


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