Michael Brinkley – Pastor/Discipleship Ministries

Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in the big city of Suffolk, Virginia. It’s only big because of its incredible land size, but recently the population has been growing steadily. In my early years it seemed more like a town with a lot of farms all around it. Not much to do for a teen at that time. Once I graduated from high school it seemed like the city exploded in small business growth. I love Suffolk. It will always be home to me. Growing up in a neighborhood where everyone knows your name, the kids were close, and there seemed to be no danger at all around, just lent to a kid being able to explore, imagine, and play their heart out.

Tell us about your family.

The Brinkley family has been growing and growing for years. Denise and I have been married since 2000 (easy to calculate our anniversary years this way). She is God’s gift to me. In 2002 we moved to Japan as missionaries and carried our 2 month old baby, David, with us. He’s a musically talented boy. Before returning to America in late 2004 we found out Denise was pregnant with Caleb, our red-headed blue-eyed, full of passion boy. A few years later God blessed us with Micah. Silly humor and a knack for art, Micah has been blessing us from day one. And even though Denise and I do not have red hair, Micah has picked up the recessive trait too. Then in August of 2013 we welcomed Evan in our home. This other red-head, blue-eyed boy has brought such joy to our family. The boys really wanted a little brother and they have become great helpers and wonderful playmates with him. My prayer is that all of the years of parenting that we have had and the wisdom gained from God’s Word and hindsight will help us be the best and most godly parents these 4 boys need us to be.

Why are you passionate about Palmwood Church?

I want to see churches start with the right spiritual DNA. DNA is the building blocks for life and whatever is written on them is what the life of the person/church becomes. To start off with I want to help people discover God’s love for them and understand His eternal truth. Then I want to be a part of the family that trains them to love God extravagantly, love people humbly, and mentor others to do the same.

What’s your favorite movie?

Though the Lord of the Rings movies are high on my list, I would have to say The Band of Brothers movie series is my favorite. I’ve always been drawn to war history, but this movie really made me see the “men” and “heroes” behind the history.

What’s your favorite sports team?

My dad loved the Baltimore Colts when I was a boy. Later I became a fan of the team when they moved to Indianapolis and acquired my favorite quarterback Peyton Manning. Even though Peyton has moved to Denver and I cheer for him, my team is still the Colts.

If you could ask God one question, what would it be?

Could I ask You more questions?