GriefShare at the Oviedo YMCA (A Ministry of Palmwood Church)


People experience loss in many different ways. Some grieve openly. Some grieve to themselves. Some push their grief away in an attempt to just feel "normal" again. And others get stuck, not really knowing how to process what they're feeling. Regardless of your own experience, the GriefShare Ministry at the Oviedo YMCA will be a blessing to you.

We offer two group times from which to choose: Tuesday afternoons from 12:30-2:30pm and Tuesday evenings from 7-9pm. Our current cycle runs from January 10th to April 11th, taking the second week of March off for Spring Break travel. Each weekly gathering is built on three key components: review of the appropriate section of From Mourning to Joy (the GriefShare Workbook), a group video presentation by some of today's best Christian counselors and leaders, and a small group cluster where people can share their stories, talk about what they are learning and seek additional help for their challenges with their grief.

Meet Your Facilitators

John Kimball is the Lead Pastor of Palmwood Church. He has been in the ministry for nearly 35 years, and planted Palmwood with a team of 12 people (including kids) in 2014. John holds a Master of Divinity in Practical Theology, and a Doctor of Ministry in Global Evangelization. He has walked with hundreds of people through their grieving process.

Melissa Newport is a native-born Floridian who grew up a preacher's kid. She has been teaching high school for 27 years and at the college level for 21 years. She holds a master’s degree in English education. She is committed to creating space where grieving people can find comfort in the crushing weight of their grief and providing encouragement for people to open their hearts to new paths of healing and recovery.

John and Melissa are assisted by Carloz Tejeda and Barbara Gray, both members of the Palmwood Church family who have lost their spouses and have been profoundly impacted by the GriefShare Ministry. Both Carloz and Barbara have experienced at least 3 cycles of the GriefShare Ministry. They are here to pray with you, talk with you, and to be a comfort to you as you process the GriefShare material.


Want More Information?

You can learn more about the GriefShare Ministry at the Oviedo YMCA by checking out our link on the GriefShare Website: Palmwood Church group - GriefShare

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