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We love our YMCA Family! So for those who really want to gather together again, we're offering this unique Bible book club on Wednesday mornings based upon the wonderful Immerse Bible Reading Experience. Everyone is welcome -- from those who know the Bible well, to those who have never really read it before. We'll use the very readable New Living Translation and take the readings in small portions to keep things easy for everyone. You can read each week's portion (no more than 20 pages over 7 days), and then we'll talk about it together.

There's no homework. Really! Each week we'll discuss the sections we read together using the same four questions:

  • What impacted you most in this week's reading?
  • Was there anything you found confusing or distressing?
  • Did anything you read change the way you think about God?
  • If what you read is true, how might that change the way you live?

Our host will be John Kimball. John is the Lead Pastor of Palmwood Church (meeting in the Group Exercise Room, Sundays at 11am), and one of the Chaplains of our Oviedo YMCA. John has been in the ministry for over 30 years. And as Chaplain, he's happy to pray with you if you desire and serve you in other ways. Just ask!

Our Schedule

While we will take each person's comfort level about gathering seriously, our time together is about social interaction. Some may wear masks, others may not. Some may want to shake hands or hug, others will not. There will be respect for everyone. But we do want to maximize the restoring of relationship. Loneliness, fear and depression are off the charts these days. We want to create a social "island" that brings back joy, laughter and connection to people. So only about half of our time will be spent talking about the Bible.

10 Minutes - Greetings, Opening Prayer (and Coffee)

30 Minutes - Reviewing That Week's Reading Together

20 Minutes - Just Visiting Together (and Coffee)

We hope that coffee and snacks will be part of each week's gathering. There's just something about food that makes fellowship so much more special. (And we'll have both regular and decaf, as well as tea for those who prefer it!)


Want to join us? Just let us know and we'll make sure to reserve you a book. Just type the word "GATHER" as your subject line and then let us know how many books you'd like. You may also feel free to ask any questions you have as well.

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