Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Palmwood Church Family,

Both Margaret and Emilee have tested NEGATIVE! The first clinic they went to this morning will not give the test to children under 10. Margaret knew she was negative after that visit, but we still needed to get the test for Emilee. They had to wait until 8:45pm for an appointment. But we just heard a little bit ago that Em has tested negative as well.

We are now advising the Palmwood Family, including Kathryn Kimball and the children who were in Palmwood Kids on Sunday, to go back to a normal schedule! Thank you all for your understanding, your patience and your prayers. And please continue to pray for Stephen O'Guin's family as his mom and dad are both fighting COVID-19 in Ohio, and for protection over his sister Lauren who has cancer-related health concerns.

See you all on Sunday.

Pastor John

Monday, 14 December 2020

Palmwood Church Family,

Margaret learned more about Emilee's possible exposure to COVID-19 at school. It is uncertain if Emilee had direct contact. At this point, neither Emilee nor Margaret have any symptoms. They will both be tested tomorrow and will let us know the results. 

So for now, we are still only being cautious. The church's regular schedule is still being maintained at this time. Thank you for your prayers and your patience. As I noted last night, do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions.

Sunday, 13 December 2020

Palmwood Church Family,

This evening (Sunday), we were alerted from Margaret Harrelson that Emilee's school called tonight and someone at the school tested positive for COVID-19. Emilee was at church -- wearing a mask around the adults and in the hallways, but was at times without a mask during Palmwood Kids. At this time, we do not even know if Emilee was exposed and she has no symptoms. It sounds like a larger portion of the school is being asked to stay home for the next week as they assess the exposure.

So what next?

Margaret will be hearing both from the school and the health department on recommendations soon. In the meantime, the kids who were with us should probably remain at home just as a precaution. Margaret is also looking into a rapid test if needed (the school may advise otherwise). As for the adults, we believe the possibility of exposure is minimal because everyone was masked and we continue to take our regular precautions.

Kathryn is taking special precautions because she was with the kids in Palmwood Kids. She will take a rapid test in the next few days.

What about next Sunday?

The elders have several contingency plans in place for situations like this. We will keep you informed using the Church Texting Platform to your phones. If we learn that Emilee was actually exposed, if she develop symptoms or if anyone tests positive, we will make next week's worship service ONLINE ONLY. We will inform you if that change is made. We would rather be cautious than take a chance on exposing more people -- especially right before Christmas.

As present, worship will remain at the YMCA and other than the kids who were directly with Emilee (and Kathryn), we have no further recommendations. We will update you regularly. If the situation changes, we will let everyone know.

In the meantime, please pray for the students and adults at Emilee's school, for Emilee and Margaret, and for all those in our church family who are at least temporarily being impacted. If you have any questions, feel free to call me at either the church's phone (321)-348-0020 or my cell (651) 387-5389.

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