Palmwood Devotional (PJ’s Blog)

All Lives Matter

In Matthew 13:3-9 Jesus uses a parable about farming to teach us about the Kingdom of God. He describes a farmer who casts seed back and forth over four kinds of soil. Some seed falls on good soil, but most of the seed falls on hard, rocky, or weedy soil. Of course, only the good […]

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What Is Evangelism to You?

When you think of evangelism do you see it as sharing the whole gospel and asking for an immediate response? I have to say as a pastor much of the “evangelism training and resources” in western churches are geared towards “hard closing” non-believers. This aggressive approach doesn’t like to take “no” for an answer and […]

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Are You A Believer?

Do you really believe the people you are with Monday through Saturday want to talk about spiritual things? Notice that I didn’t ask about Sunday. Why? Because most of the people we hang out with on Sunday are with us at church studying about spiritual things. But what about the people outside of your church […]

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