Jesus, I Belong to You (A Prayer)

Jesus, I Belong to You

Jesus, I belong to you.

I am no longer my own, but yours. You are my Lord and my God.

I give you my complete, undivided, and wholehearted attention.

I give you my desires and affections and only receive them back as they have been granted by you.


I receive from you the mind of Christ—to think as you think,

  to imagine as you imagine, to ponder as you ponder,

  your curiosities, your impressions, your insights,

  your joys, your sadnesses, your longings, your loves.


My work will find its origin and fulfillment in the gifts,

  talents, skills, and creativity you have entrusted to me.


Jesus, I belong to you.


  your vision will be my sight; your Word, my food;

  your Spirit, my breath; your resurrection, my power;

  your suffering, my fellowship; your kingdom, my ambition;

  your people, my passion; your love, my life.


Jesus, I belong to you.

I covenant with you the following exchanges:

   my emptiness—for your fullness,

   my brokenness—for your wholeness,

   my sin—for your righteousness,

   my guilt—for your pardon,

   my lust—for your longings,

   my drunkenness—for your sobriety,

   my shame—for your glory,

   my pride—for your humility,

   my thirst for fame—for your desire for holiness,

   my striving—for your rest,

   my impossible burden—for your easy yoke.


Jesus, I belong to you.

You are to me:

   the Word made flesh, the image of the invisible God,

   the exact representation of his being,

   the firstfruits of the resurrection

   the bright and morning star, the Ancient of Days,

   the Son of God and the Son of Man,

   the Bread of Heaven, the True Vine,

   the Way and the Truth and the Life,

   the Resurrection, the Light of the World,

   the Good Shepherd,

   the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world,

   the Lamb slain from before the foundation of the world.

   the Messiah, the Savior,

   the Lord of Heaven and Earth.


Jesus, I belong to you.

By your commission I am called. By your calling I am chosen

In your communion I am consecrated.

Through your fullness I am overflowing.

In your holy love I am joyfully alive.


This prayer taken from First Love by J.D. Walt

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